The Signage application developed by LedGlass is designed to provide a different, innovative and more elegant solution than conventional and more common signaling systems, which are usually with materials such as methacrylate or metals. The glass itself is a material that transmits quality, elegance and minimalism that together with the LED lighting systems will result in unique and exclusive pieces. The LedGlass products used for the manufacture of the Signage will be determined according to the needs and the type of solution that is required, being the decorated LightinGlass or a GraphicGlass, to record the motif.

An ideal solution for a wide variety of projects where the same application (Signage) is capable of providing that necessary point of light in corridors or other keys issues.

Fully customizable application and adaptable to any type of installation according to existing models. Through profiling, Signage can provide a solution to any type of finish or format provided.

The engraving can be customized in terms of typefaces or designs to adapt to the corporate image or the design of the space and enhance it in an innovative way, as well as with the light system, which allows it to be combined with any of the existing LED technologies.

Fully customizable item.
Exclusivity and elegance.
High visibility.
Technology and innovation.
Adaptability and design according to project and needs.
Versatility of options.
Visual impact.
Functional element with a decorative added value.