The LedGlass Bathroom furniture is designed with LightinGlass and / or GraphicGlass in order to combine aspects of design, innovation and technology to achieve an application capable of providing ambient lighting in a bathroom area and not needing another light source.

Luminously, the different existing systems can be combined. You can use both, Dual systems or Monocolor systems to enhance the subtlety and sobriety of the set, or RGB lighting that will give us dynamism, color and adaptability to different environments. The lighting system will allow the user full control through a remote control, an installed screen, or through a mobile application or even integrating it into an existing home automation system.

The LedGlass Bathroom furniture can be planted in two ways, as a flown countertop or as a set.

Ambient lighting.
Exclusivity and elegance.
Interactivity and light control.
Technology and innovation.
Energy efficiency.