In the retail world, and more in a society which the visual aspect sells by itself, the treaty of a showcase turned to the street should attract attention and strongly invite the user to enter into the establishment.

That is why from LedGlass, with an innovative and exclusive vision, we present the application of the Showcase, with an infinite number of different results, derived from the combination of all LedGlass products, which make this element a perfect tool for designers and architects of the retail sector.

Although, in essence, it is a glass enclosure, the possibilities it offers in terms of customization, lighting, interaction and sound are endless, making it a very powerful and personalized advertising and claim element to suit the consumer.

Unique and personalized advertising element.
Personalized and innovative communication.
Functional and decorative element.
Technology and innovation.
Energy efficiency.
Adaptability and design according to project and needs.
Versatility of options.
Combination of LedGlass products.