One of the main characteristics of the LedGlass Railing application is that, apart from its high aesthetic and decorative value due to its light potential, it accomplishes its functional part in the world of construction, restoration and rehabilitation of spaces or works.

The Railing contributes in the privatization towards the interior of the balconies (the users external to the balcony do not see the interior) without affecting the viewing that can be had from the interior of the house, thanks to the LightinGlass.

The LED technology used allows us to drastically change the perception and sensations of the user, being able to get a system that will take us directly to a nightlife environment, or an elegant and subtle system.

Creation of special and personalized spaces.
Environments easily adaptable by light control.
Complies with its constructive functionality.
Provides decorative and technological value.
Technology and innovation.
Energy efficiency.
Elegance, subtlety and dynamism.
Visual impact.