Welcome to Ledglass.

Our work begins with you:

We will listen to you to understand what you need, and thus be able to present options that cover your needs and with which you feel comfortable.


Our company was born by Joan Casas Bosch in 1986, with a creative vision of glass work. They made all kinds of manipulations with the material.

In 1992, it enters a period of commercial internationalization in the Middle East, where it stood out for its line of acid etched mirrors, with sandblasting techniques and also for applications of gold paints. But in 2002 in the wake of the Gulf War, the Middle East market was affected and the relationship ended, which forced us to reinvent ourselves and commit ourselves to innovation.


Preserving since its inception the commitment to work and innovation of glass, it is characterized by being transformed into a company for the development of light architecture projects.

In addition to the evolution and improvement of the products that were born at the beginning, new products have been carried out.

LedGlass has managed to contribute and add the innovations developed in the world of LED lighting, light control and the best techniques in glass recording processes.


LedGlass intends to continue growing as a company focused on the investigation of new and innovative products, linked to the world of glass, according to market needs.

In this way, it aims to be a reference for inspiration and imagination in design, since LedGlass is strongly committed to a commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment, constantly improving its production processes and using more effective technologies and solutions and that cause the least impact on the environment.


Vision: To be a leading company in the manufacture, marketing, customization, distribution and assembly in the glass sector.

Mission: Contribute to the success and differentiation of our clients, listen, detect their needs and propose solutions in an innovative, creative and exclusive way.

Values: humility, exclusivity, innovation, quality, effectiveness, versatility.

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